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This page shows the style used in »List of Retro Tracks« articles. It is mandatory for the following pages:

Example Title Example Author Information and Rules
1. SNES Donut Plains 3 Nintendo Gray indicates a track made by Nintendo.

Use: {{unknown|[[Nintendo]]}}

2. GBA Rainbow Road User:User Name Green indicates a track that is reasonably complete and has been released. In this case, the track was made by User Name.

Use: {{yes|[[User:User Name]]}}

User:Other User In this case, another version of the same track was made by Other User. Clicking on GBA Rainbow Road will give you information about both versions of the track.
3. DS Shroom Ridge User:User Name
(announced YYYY-MM)
Yellow indicates a track that is development. The track may have received an Alpha or Beta test release, but is not considered complete. In this case, the track was announced by User Name on the date YYYY-MM.

Moderators will remove announcements after 3–5 month inactivity.
Use: {{maybe|[[User:User Name]]<br/>(announced 2012-07)}}

4. DS Peach Gardens None Red indicates that a track has not been made and is not in development.

Use: {{no|None}}