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MusicSlotsUser.ini is a file in the CTGP-7 modpack located in the MyStuff folder that allows configuring custom music settings for the different course slots (including original tracks). This file has the same format as MusicSlots.ini but that one should not be edited as it is used internally by the mod. The music files defined here will be searched in the MyStuff/stream folder.

As any other .ini file, the data in MusicSlotsUser.ini is stored in plain text and can be edited with any text editor. However, it is recommended to use an editor that supports different encodings and supports linux line breaks (recommended editor: Notepad++). This particular file must be encoded with UTF-8 without BOM and UNIX (LF) line breaks.

For each line, everything after the # symbol will be ignored (useful for comments).

File Format

Each line in the file represents a single custom music slot entry. It has the following format:

courseName :: musicName :: musicMode :: normalBeatBPM :: normalBeatOffset :: fastBeatBPM :: fastBeatOffset

Name Meaning
courseName Name of the course slot (name of the szs without the extension).
Example: Gctr_RainbowRoad
musicName Name of the music file. This name should not have the STRM_C prefix nor the _N.bcstm/_F.bcstm suffix.

musicMode Defines how multichannel files play:

- SINGLE: 2 channels (1 stereo track).
- MULTI_WATER: 4 channels (2 stereo track). The second stereo track will play underwater.
- MULTI_AREA: 4 channels (2 stereo track). The second stereo track will play inside certain areas.
Normal/Fast frontrunning beats BPM. Set to 0 to disable.
Sample number in which the normal/fast frontrunning beats should start playing.


A file with the following contents:

Gctr_RainbowRoad :: N_RAINBOW_REMIX :: MULTI_AREA :: 120 :: 100000 :: 140 :: 80000
Ctgp_ConcTown :: N_CITYMUSIC :: SINGLE :: 0 :: 0 :: 0 :: 0

produces the following configuration:

For 3DS Rainbow Road, the files STRM_CN_RAINBOW_REMIX_N.bcstm and STRM_CN_RAINBOW_REMIX_F.bcstm will be loaded from MyStuff/stream with 120 bpm 100000 sample offset for the normal frontbeats and 140 bpm with 80000 sample offset for the fast frontbeats. The bcstm files should have 4 channels, the second pair will play inside some areas.

For Concord Town, the files STRM_CN_CITYMUSIC_N.bcstm and STRM_CN_CITYMUSIC_F.bcstm will be loaded from MyStuff/stream with frontbeats disabled. The bcstm files should have 2 channels.


CTGP-7 Every File Explorer Plugin

Makes the editing of the MusicSlotsUser.ini file easier. It allows selecting the track to replace the music from, as well as set the different parameters. Using this tool has no advantage over editing the file directly with a text editor.