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Please credit me if you use my mods in modpacks, distributions, etc.
Don't update any mods of mine without my permission, please! :)
If you'd like to add me and play, just know that I'll be on CTGP-7 more then vanilla Mario Kart 7.

SammyGoesHowdy's Mii.png
Mii Name: SammyGHowdy
Nintendo 3DS: 4141-8927-9074
Country: United Kingdom
Discord: sammygoeshowdy
YouTube: SammyGoesHowdy
Twitter: @SammyGoesHowdy @HowdyGoesSammy
Gamebanana: SammyGoesHowdy
Github: SammyGoesHowdy
What I use for mods: Blender, Paint.NET, CTR Studio


Howdy, I'm SammyGoesHowdy. I like to play Mario Kart 7 & CTGP-7 online. I'm fairly decent at the game, I can do a couple of shortcuts & tricks. I also like to mod this game because it's fun, like most people would tell you.

I also like to play more than just Mario Kart, I have beaten quite a bit of games in the past. While I don't think I'll be able to document every game I have beaten over the years, I can most certainly document the games I have beaten in 2022 and onwards. You can find the spreadsheet here.


By the same author: SammyGoesHowdy

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Diddy KongAzumarillMKDS Mario

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Santa LuigiLuigi (Classic)Mario (Classic)Flying Squirrel Mario

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