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This is a list of all Custom Tracks made for Mario Kart 7 with new, original designs, or ports from creators from other Mario Karts. Please note that this list might not always be 100% current and complete, since new custom tracks are always being created and some of them don't get attention from the community. Some tracks also don't have any track distributions or are not included in CTGP-7.


This page is no longer up to date and is no longer well-maintained; many tracks are missing. For a more accurate and complete list of custom tracks, please visit this page.

Track List

Title Author Date of Latest Version
Anonymous Mansion Anonymous103 2019-11-30
Autumn Forest Mence, JorisMKW 2019-02-24
Banshee Boardwalk 2 Baoulettes 2016-10-24
Bayside Boulevard Zz 2016-05-03
Canyon Run SMG2, Yoshi's Hacking 2020-24-02
Castle of Time Zz, PabloMK7 2019-09-05
Cave Mountains Anonymous103 2019-10-05
Concord Town Zz, PabloMK7, RemyInTheSky 2019-02-14
Coral Cape Darkflare, SpyKid 2016-01-29
Crystal Dungeon Darkflare, SpyKid 2016-10-03
Crystal Valley SMG2 2018-10-05
Desert Bus CatMatthew, maczkopeti 2020-12-28
Doge Desert Demon, Ermelber, Stomatol, et al, PabloMK7 2019-09-15
Dragon Burying Grounds SMG2 2018-08-14
Elemental Cave Baoulettes 2016-10-24
Evergreen Crossing Zz 2016-05-11
Galvarny Falls Baoulettes 2016-10-30
Ghost Valley DX Potatoman44 2020-09-06
Island Circuit Potatoman44 2021-09-19
Mario Kart 8 (Custom Track) Zz 2017-??-??
Melody Sanctum Zz, SpyKid 2017-??-??
Melting Magma Melee SMG2 2018-04-10
Metro Madness Zz, PabloMK7 2019-09-18
Miku's Birthday Spectacular Stewie 1.0, PabloMK7 2016-09-03
Moon View Mountain SMG2 2017-12-21
Mushroom Peaks SMG2 2017-10-26
Night City USH_MK7 2019-09-11
Night Harbour SMG2 2018-11-20
Poison Swamp SMG2 2017-12-02
Rainbow Road DX SMG2, PabloMK7 2019-06-05
Retro Raceway Yoshi's Hacking 2020-05-01
Revo Circuit Demon, Rover 2019-10-05
Riverside City SMG2 2019-02-24
Rockside Speedway Potatoman44 2020-09-07
Sandcastle Park MKGirlism, SpyKid. Ryan 2019-08-28
Seaside Road USH_MK7 2019-03-11
Secret Slide USH_MK7 2019-02-22
Slot Circuit SMG2 2017-12-31
Snow & Cave SMG2 2020-02-11
Space Road PabloMK7, Maxi 2016-06-14
Speedway Circuit Anonymous103 2019-10-05
Spike Desert Demon, Pepo 2000, SpyKid, Sniki TBA
Star Slope Mence, Ryan, Torran, igorseabra4 2019-11-29
Sunset Raceway Zz, Ermelber 2017-??-??
Suzuka Circuit SMG2 2019-03-09
Underpass & Highway SMG2 2018-04-30
Volcano Beach Ruins Ermelber, PabloMK7 2019-10-03