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Avatar: Avatar-Zz.jpg
Status: Active
Discord: Logic#3407
YouTube: Channel link

Hello, I am Zz ("double Z"), I make custom tracks here for Mario Kart 7 for fun.
I've been credited with other names such as Mecha/Bucky G/BBTalk/Sister-Location...
I've made many tracks, from poor quality to somewhat not-horrible quality, and I plan to make more.

You can find me on discord here: Logic#3407
You can ask for help but I probably won't provide much for you

Custom Tracks

Original CTs

Track Status Current version Initial release
Shower Circuit Complete v1.1 2016
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Abandoned v0.1 beta 2016
Evergreen Crossing Complete v1.1 2017
Bayside Boulevard Complete v1.1 2017
Mario Kart 8 Complete v1.0 2017
Metro Madness In development v1.0 beta 2017
??? In development - 2019

Ported CTs

Track Status Current version Initial release
SNES Mario Circuit 3 Complete v2.0 2016
N64 Mario Raceway Complete v1.2 2016
CTGP Concord Town Complete v2.0 2016
DS Mario Circuit Complete v1.1 2017
DS Shroom Ridge Complete v1.0 2017
N64 Banshee Boardwalk Complete v1.1 2017
GBA Riverside Park Complete v1.0 2017
DS Peach Gardens Complete v1.0 2017
CTGP Sunset Raceway Complete v1.1 2016
CTGP Castle of Time Complete v1.0 2017
CTGP Melody Sanctum Complete v1.1 2017
Wii Daisy Circuit Abandoned v0.1 beta 2017
GCN Wario Colosseum Abandoned v1.0 RC 2017